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Tata Steel is committed to partnership with its customers, helping to streamline business chains and achieve imaginative ways of working.

Tata Steel offers steel in the grades, gauges and widths used extensively in the industry for body and closure panels.  Our materials are tailored to deliver the optimum in structural and safety performance in conjunction with our services for lightweighting and cost reduction.  We place special emphasis on meeting the Class A surface finish requirements of our customers.  

Tata Steel has invested significantly to be able to offer a range of advanced materials that meet the stringent strength, stiffness, formability and weldability criteria needed for Chassis and Suspension components.  Examples of these are the thick gauge strip steels for suspension pressings and the dual-phase tubular blanks used in hydroformed engine and chassis frames.

Tata Steel metals are used in a multitude of automotive components.  Examples are steel/rubber bonded strip used in door seals, high integrity steel wire from which tyre cord is drawn.  Safety, affordability and environmental performance are as always, key features of our products.

Tata Steel makes a range of the very high quality steels used in electric motor laminated cores, clad metals from Tata Steel (layered combinations of e.g. steel and copper) are also widely used in automotive electrical systems for components such as connectors.

As the use of metallic trim surfaces become more of a trend in cars, Tata Steel is responding with a range of textured and coated metal products.  We also offer a range of materials whose properties lend themselves to applications in seating and controls.

A wide range of high performance steels are available from Tata Steel for Powertrain applications.  These include fatigue resistant high quality wire rod for engine valve springs, very clean steels used in the manufacture of diesel injectors and the dimensionally stable steels used in hardened gearbox components

Uniquely, Tata Steel combines its materials and vehicle engineering knowledge to respond cost-effectively to key drivers of importance to the sector, such as safety, fuel-efficiency, innovation and the environment. Our service centres and business units actively support supply chain initiatives that improve efficiency and enhance the value of automotive steel used by our customers.


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